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Have you ever wondered why so many highly successful people are unhappy in retirement? After years of focusing on career, most of us embark on the next phase of life with only a vague idea of the life we want, or how to make our dreams come true. As a result, 40% of recent retirees say they were happier when they were working!

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Don't become another retirement lost soul. Guarantee yourself a long and fulfilling retirement with Your Retirement, Your Way!

Written by a psychotherapist and a management consultant, it brings you a revolutionary approach to retirement planning that combines a powerful self analysis tool based on the Birkman Method — a personality assessment system used by Fortune 500 companies and government agencies worldwide — with sophisticated financial and strategic planning techniques. You get self-scored tests, self-assessment exercises, and step-by-step guidelines to:

  Understand yourself better, including what motivates you and what causes you stress.
  Use this information to create a retirement plan likely to make you happy and fulfilled.
  Ensure that those closest to you are brought in and supportive.
  Restructure your finances to support your "New Lifestyle".
  Manage your life toward happiness and fulfillment.

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We spend so many years preparing for our careers and maintaining our competency. Doesn't it make sense to spend time preparing for what comes next? After all, retirement today could potentially represent another 30+ years! Your Retirement Your Way will help you make those years the best years of your life.

Are YOU ready for retirement? Take the Retirement Readiness Quiz and find out!

To read parts of "Your Retirement, Your Way", click on the links below marked "Preface" and "Chapter 1: Welcome to Your NewLife." Click on "Outline" to see a topical outline of the contents of each chapter. Click on "Newsletter" to learn about the five most common retirement myths.



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